It’s all began in 2008...

I was growing up in a medium size town in Poland trying to figure out what I want to do when I’ll become a big girl. Firstly I want to be a writer, actress or a literature teacher, but then, one day, I got new mobile phone with a pretty nice camera. And it’s was the real love at first side!

I was taking photos of literally everything (but mostly myself), later on I started secretly „borrowing” my father’s digital camera to take photos of my friends and pretty young girls and finally (just before I moved out from my town) I bought my first DSLR – Canon 40D.

* * *

Why I instantly fall in love with fashion and portrait photography? Maybe because I am always eager to search for something which I can call: unique, interesting and unusually beautiful.

I was trying to transform a well-known and close to my heart humans and places whom and which I was observing through my lens into someone and something else. Thanks to that I was slowly creating my „big girl” identity and someway my own world.

Later on I studied theatre and performance in Cracow. Not to become an actress on the stage or a theater critic, but to understand how we all act in our everyday life and what the purpose of it might be.

Why we do things like talking, loving or celebrating in both: intimate and social situations? How our behaviour is changing when we are surrounded by different people and how we behave when we are alone? What we actually perform when we do certain things?

Expanding my knowledge about very complex mixture of researching methods helped me to develop my abilities firstly as a future social researcher and secondly and mostly as a photographer.

* * *

It was also the time when I was discovering more and more fantastic wedding photographers from all around the world who taught me that I can do this type of photography differently. What is more, I also realized that weddings can be organized not only in typical wedding venues with a repeatable scenario.

You can get married wherever you want and basically do whatever you want that day.

You want to invite only your close family and friends – do it. You want to get married outside and prepare your own handwritten vows – it will be great to capture your emotions and smiles. You don’t like dancing – of course you can pass this part! I like all these ideas so much that my desire to photograph interesting couples and help them to share their exceptional love stories was growing fast in my heart and mind.

* * *

The couple of months after my graduation I decided to develop my longest ongoing hobby into my everyday activity and become a full-time photographer. I opened my own business and now I’m working as a wedding and lifestyle photographer all around Poland and abroad (and I’m ready to travel whenever you want to meet me).

* * *

The essence of my photography are emotions. All of them. Pure, spontaneous and mixed, complicated ones. I collect them to bring out your unique story.

That’s why I use a lot of dark & moody & warm tones and I really like to complement my stories with black and white photos. My goal is to make you bring back as much memories and emotions as you can do from that days even after live out many, many years. To feel all the love, have butterflies in stomach once again and to admire your inside and outside beauty.

I want to perform with you and take beautiful photos… together!

* * *

Do you want to drink coffee / tea with me and talk about details of your wedding or lifestyle photoshoot you are dreaming of? CONTACT ME.

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