How i pack your albums and photos?

There are such postmen visits that I’m waiting for with a impatiently beating heart…. In these packages are your albums and prints!

albums with leather, cloth or paper/latex covers
Wooden boxes for albums and prints
prints with silk finish in multiple sizes
leather envelopes for your prints

I’m a really big fan of printed photos which for me have still something more tangible and also something magical… That is why I decided to include albums and prints to my offer and share my affection with you and I hope that you will fall for them too!

Every married couple will receive beautiful 20×20 cm album with 20 cards inside (called storybook) from my favourite brand Crystal Albums. If you want we can prepare more cards. You will also be able to choose your favourite finish of the cover (leather, cloth, paper / latex) and add decorative elements like engravings, UV printings or square window with your favourite photo in it. In storybooks photos are printed directly on hard silk photo paper which should last through your lifetime. What is more I include a handpainted wooden box with matte finish in three colours: cinnamon, coffee or vanilla. It will be a perfect case for you album and love letters or small gifts.

In case of love or family photoshoots I encourage you to choose either album with 12 cards or prints. There are two types of packages for prints – smaller wooden boxes (size 13×19) or (NEW!) leather envelopes (size 15×23).


Your digital photos will be safe in your own virtual gallery (protected with password) which you can share with your family and guests. I can also upload them on pendrive if you wish.

If you know more about pricing and my typical schedule during weddings or photoshoots – please, send me your message using my CONTACT FORM.

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